That One Time When I Had a Baby

Hey folks!

Every few months I get an email informing me of my awesomeness. AKA someone signs up to follow my blog. And I’m like, “Who are you people? I love you. But really, have you noticed I haven’t posted in like… years?” Don, I’m talking to you specifically. You’re my latest inspiration. I haven’t even checked out your site yet, and I’m thinking… hmm. Somebody thinks I’m cool. Maybe it was an accident? Your finger slipped? Either way…

I felt called to remedy that. Tonight. Right Now. At midnight, in the hotel room. Let me explain:

Um…. I had a baby? Two years ago.

Also, I got super poor (remember that part where I had a baby?), and we moved to Kansas where my husband is a first year 7th grade science teacher and I’m staying home with my … baby? (Monster, Destructo-Boy, Tyrant, Bossy-Pants, Stinky Butt…) SO along with being super poor we’ve chosen not to pay for internet at our new place. So there’s that.

But I am still baking bread, and flossing my teeth sometimes.

The tenor of this site might change bc I no longer live in the same town as Danae. Maybe one of you lovelies could let her know I’m posting solo. 😉

So, back to having a kid. Isn’t he cute?


He’s two. I think he rocks. As I should, right?

Just so I don’t leave you feeling empty or uninspired: Whipped Cream is delicious.

Go make yourself some:

Some heavy whipping cream — a cup will make about two cups of whipped cream (And I for seriously just made that up. I don’t know the ratio, but I’ll be straight with you: You will get significantly more AFTER you whip it, than the amount of liquid poured into the bowl. Which is totes bonus because cream is expensive.)

A tidbit of vanilla (I make my own. I should post on that, yes? Super easy, buy some vanilla beans, put them in vodka.)

Some sweetener to taste (I used powdered sugar, cause it’s what I had on hand).

(Are you digging my excessive parenthesis yet? Likely makes it hard to follow the directions on this recipe.)

WHIP the CREAM.  Once it starts to thicken, add the other stuff. WHIP SOME MORE.  Just don’t whip too long or it will turn into butter… IF you whip it into butter. Just drain the liquid out, let your toddler drink the buttermilk, press the butter into a ball and eat the butter on your bread.

Stop whipping when soft peaks hold and make something like this!


See ya ’round,



P.S. Yes, that IS Noritake China, of the ALVIN collection. Discontinued in the 1930’s. I got most of a set at a flea market for an amazing $75. If you have any for a good price… send it my way. It makes my heart happy to serve food to myself on fancy china.


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