Where Do You Keep the “Emergency Rice”?

I don’t know about you, but we have Emergency Rice at our house and we keep it in a lidded container in the bathroom.

To explain the purpose of the Emergency Rice, I should start with a story; A story of random happenstance, one that even replayed, is so unlikely to occur that we in no way saw it coming:

Sitting on the edge of our bed one day, Husband and I were talking. (I don’t remember what about, but I’m sure it was nonsense.) Out of nowhere, I jumped up to leave the room. His poor phone, that had been sitting on the edge of the bed with us, began to fall… right into a single glass of water that had been forgotten on the floor. The splash is what caught our attention; we both just stopped. And stared… Had minor freak out.  Then mostly just laughed at how absurd this coincidence was.

Thankfully we were prepared, because, frankly, we seem to have this issue with electronics a LOT. I went to the bathroom, got out the Emergency Rice, disassembled the phone… (Ok I just took the back off and the battery… but you know), immersed the phone into the bucket of rice and left it there overnight. I found out years ago that rice will absorb all the tiny water molecules out of the phone and return it good as new (minus the rice dust that you will have to wipe off).

This old trick has worked for us at least five times for varying reasons and is a good one to have in your book, especially in this age of technology. Because you never know when you might need it.

Full disclosure: it did NOT work for our PS3 controller that got submerged in the toilet, but I blame that on the fact that I was way too scared to disassemble any part of it.

So, do you have Emergency Rice? How about any other tried and true save your “tech” tricks?

I suppose by  next year we will have all invested in the new “waterproof” phones that are being advertised… but until then, get yourself an emergency rice bucket.

Stay Excellent,