My Kids Ate Popsicles for Lunch

We are in the dog days of summer here in Nebraska, folks, and let me tell you that some days it is BLISTERINGLY HOT. Now, I love to be outside as much as the next person during the summer, but a gal has got to stay cool. So after a long morning of outdoor play, when we go in for lunch, more often than not, I vote for popsicles.

WHOAH, slow down there, Chief, did you say you eat popsicles for lunch?

Yes, yes I did and I don’t feel guilty either. I even let them have seconds if they want. I should probably clarify that what my children know as “popsicles” are really frozen smoothies packed full of super healthy vitamins & nutrients. But guess what, they don’t care! They are so happy to be eating popsicles for lunch it could even be a “liver pot piesicle”   …okay, well, let’s not get crazy…

Not a recent picture, Obviously! What kind of crazy mom would put her kid in a long-sleeved shirt in June…

I really love to experiment with smoothies and while some creations are less desirable, they all tend to disappear pretty quickly.

Here are a few of our family favorite ingredients:

Berries of any kind, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, etc — Beware of seeds and blueberry skin stuck in your teeth for hours that you notice when you go to bed at night and think, “GOOD GRIEF, has that been there SINCE 10 A.M!

Frozen Bananas (Buy them CHEAP when they’re brown, go ahead and peel and place in a container or bag in the freezer to always have on hand!)

Avocado  — Adds a delicious creamy texture, healthy fat and stock full of vitamins

Spinach/Kale — You can add a surprising amount of spinach before it changes the flavor.

Wheat Germ (unless you’re Danae and gluten makes you SICK — chock full of Vitamin E and some other great stuff I don’t remember…)

Ground Flaxseed (JUST A SMIDGEN!)

Apples — Peel or not peel, if you don’t peel, just blend it on high for a really long time and it will be nice and smooth. Unless you LIKE a chewy smoothie/popsicle.

For liquid you can add water, milk, Almond/Soy milk, heavy cream, juice, juice concentrate…

We avoid adding sugar, unless I put in too much flaxseed and it came out bitter–then by all means I add on the sugar in lieu of gagging.

A splash of vanilla extract takes the boat.


I am SURE there are some specific smoothie recipes out there… but for us? Ain’t nobody got time for that.

So go ahead eat popsicles for lunch.  They are fast, filling, and Oh So Refreshing! The perfect summer treat (your kids will thank you for not making THEM eat raw spinach any other way.)


Keep it Real,

Danae & Tasha


P.S. What are some of YOUR favorite smoothie/popsicle combinations?