Christmas in July Candles

Well folks, due to a death in the family, Christmas in July is now Christmas in August and it  is in full swing with candies and candles and soap. Oh my!!!

So today we bring you Baking Beauties, NE Candles. We went green by recycling some of our old candles and some pretty old glassware we found. Some of the candles were getting low or were at their wicks end. But when combined they made a beautiful mocha scent!  This is what we did:

First we boiled up some water to melt the old candles down in their jars. While they were melting we glued twine wicks to the bottom of the glasses and let them set. After they had melted we blended the two scents together and poured them into pretty glasses to set. After letting them set for a bit we added cinnamon sticks for a decorative touch and let them dry completely. There was a dip in the middle once it all sets, so we save some melted wax to pour in after they had dried. We cut the wicks and voila: a beautiful candle set was ready for display.

Now, though our first candle recycling adventure went well… we will now treat you to a not so perfect tale. 

“A very short time ago in a kitchen that may be far away, a beautiful girl went about the task of making beautiful Christmas candles. The candles she was to recycle were peach colored and had no scent. This just would not do for Christmas. They need to be a dark red, she thought, and with prehaps a nice peppermint scent.

This foolish girl, not thinking to clearly and without doing research into the best way to change a candle’s color, began with the task of melting the candle down in a jar in boiling water–just as she had on previous occasions. Once melted, she then however pulled out her rouge #40  gel food coloring and put in a splash. It immediately sank to the bottom and did not spread. After stirring it a bit, only to end with the same results, she added more food coloring. ( DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME)

To her surprise, strange things began to happen and eerie white smoke began to billow out of the pot.  She immediately turned off the heat source. Right then, BANG!!!! the first (of many) explosions happened. She raced from the house, child in hand, to the safety outside. Knowing the child was safe in his stroller, she returned, determined to  stop the chaos inside, to no avail the exploding pot was still guysering off spouts of hot wax and water. The eerie white fog had developed into a luming white cloud that covered every room in the house. She set about opening windows to get that awful smell out of her house. Once that was finished she was able to move the pot off the burner and analyze the mess… and oh what a mess it was.”

I would finish the story with the hours of cleaning that came next, but instead I will just say this: when deciding to recycle candles and change the color to fit your needs please use eitherand my little helper special made candle dye (which can be purchased at Michael’s or your local crafting store) or keep it green by recycling coloring crayons, melting it into the wax (you can also have fun experimenting with the melted crayons to make swirls in the candle) but we will try that another time.

So remember folks 

  • Always be careful when heating wax. It can leave very nasty burns.
  •  Don’t overheat the wax or it will catch on fire.

Join us next time for Christmas Candies and special treats. Maybe. If we feel like.

Stay excellent,