The Big Idea

Here’s the deal, folks. Toxins are everywhere, but we can do something about it! My good and like-minded friend, Danae and I have made the choice to create a toxin-free home for our families. We’re doing this by creating our own toxin-free products like bug spray using essential oils, homemade marshmallows with no corn syrup, baking organically, etc.

It takes a little–and sometimes a lot–of extra energy, but it has been totally worth it. Our husbands love and support us, but may often refer to our goal as a hobby. Maybe it is, but how many hobbies do you have that give you peace of mind, a healthier body, benefits your entire home and those around you, and LIFELONG HAPPINESS? I rest my case.

We will post our adventures here for all of you lovely people.

Downtown, York, NE

Won’t that be wonderful?!

We will gladly take requests for any product or food item that you would like us to try to recreate in a more natural form. Email us at or comment if you have any questions, orders, or concerns.

See ya ’round!



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